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"Green dam" birth is: who won the 41.7 million yuan orders

A piece of paper from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the "Ministry of Industry"), the value of 41.7 million yuan, "order", so Zhengzhou Jinhui Computer Systems Limited ("Zhengzhou Jin Hui") and Beijing Taisho knowledge of the language Treatment Limited ("Beijing Taisho") became famous overnight.

Zhengzhou Jin Hui and Beijing is through the development of a major called "harmful information" of Internet filtering software, were divided got 21.8 million yuan and 19.9 million yuan of the contract value, then, the Ministry of Industry also expected government purchases each of the two companies to purchase the right to use, and for the community free of charge.

Well, so much of "income" why benefit payments attributable to Zhengzhou and Beijing, Taisho? This may be the "harmful information" as the core of a business story.

Winner "life experience"

41.7 million yuan a year to win "contracts big one" in Zhengzhou and Beijing, Taisho Jin Hui, So who exactly? As if only they are two innovative technology companies, all seems too simple.


Something wrong with that funded the establishment of a large positive McEnery Beijing company is being established in Beijing after the Great had just set up, and according to this reporter know, Beijing Taisho was established in 2000.

The Zhengzhou Jin Hui Hui-Chin Chou, chairman of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the previously served as subordinate party Weishujijian Kehai Group Executive Vice President.

The press information available shows that mandatory pre-installed software containing harmful information made public before the media, the Ministry of Industry has primary and secondary schools respectively, and major PC makers notice requirements in the factory process, mandatory pre-installed the software . Which, by the Ministry forwarded the notice to all primary and secondary schools, clearly defined deadlines for the May 2009.

Investigations on behalf of Beijing Meng Tung Tai Fa Yu-name companies also, such as soft-media video technology Beijing, Beijing Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. McEwing, Beijing Kirsten Telecommunication Technology Development Company Ltd., which Beijing Mai Ningke Trade Co., Ltd. is still in the "suspended" state.

More subtly, Beijing had also great is the branch in Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau of the taxes on that list, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen National Tax State Tax Report [2008] 4 documents show that Beijing is a large enterprise income tax arrears, Shenzhen Branch total of 5.6322 million yuan.

Interests of the geometry

June 12 afternoon, "China Business" reporter arrived at the nearby People's University, Haidian District, Beijing, Taisho office - Gateway to Science and Technology Building, 7th floor, the company's staff told reporters that Beijing is big here in 2002 office, the office to the total number of about 70 or so.

On the company business license hanging on the wall, a university research centers and many other documents, "Beijing Taisho" message is not obvious, only found on top of the business license. Obviously, "harmful information" in the development of the company is not only a business, but is this a software product development, great is brought to Beijing for a year 19.9 million yuan of cash income.

This reporter has learned that day, the company legal representative of the East Meng Yu is away on business. "This is a commercial activity, and the Government has nothing to do." Zhengzhou Jin Hui, general manager Zhang Chenmin in a media interview said. And figure out "harmful information" software revenue for the two companies the easiest way is to figure out the software development costs.

銆??鏉ヨ嚜涓氱晫鏉冨▉瀹夊叏鍘傚晢鐨勪汉澹〃绀猴紝姝ょ被杩囨护杞欢鐨勫紑鍙戝苟涓嶅鏉傦紝鍏舵垚鏈嚦澶氫笉浼氶珮浜?0涓囧厓銆?The person had also conducted a detailed analysis of the software and found that green bar image recognition software and even using some open source code from the Internet, but according to the Ministry of Industry and publicity of information display, the image part of the recognition by the Zhengzhou Jin Hui is responsible for development.

June 11, Netease technology linked to a news channel also shows that the Green Dam cracked software, technical difficulty is not large, there have been online even crack the password hint that the software tutorial.

The evening of June 10, China Central Television, "Evening News" quoted in the relevant head of the Ministry of Industry as saying that "harmful information" does not monitor users of personal information and online behavior, just filter pornography and other undesirable network information, the software In the PC terminal can also be uninstalled by the user themselves.

But is this a free to uninstall the software, the Ministry of Industry is preparing to government procurement in the form of royalties paid to developers for free installation of society, thus, "harmful information" covered by the outside world as China the highest rate of "genuine software."

銆??鍓嶈堪涓氱晫鏉冨▉瀹夊叏鍘傚晢鐨勪汉澹繕閫忛湶锛岀被浼煎畨鍏ㄨ蒋浠剁殑閿?敭濡傛灉鏄殢纭欢缁戝畾锛屼竴鑸細鎸夌収缁堢鐐规暟鐨勫灏戞潵杩涜瀹氫环銆?Such as Microsoft's windows operating system pre-installed as long as a large enough number of hardware vendors, their prices are not high, typically tens of dollars to several hundred dollars.

Monopoly suspects

Ministry of Industry on June 9 announced the "pre-installed on the computer, Internet filtering software notice the green" after three days, some of the legal profession, academics sent a letter to the State Department and National Anti-Monopoly Committee, pointed out that the notice issued under the Ministry of Industry and alleged violations of "anti-monopoly law," lawyers had also apply to the Ministry of Industry, require information disclosure.

This reporter learned that the State Department sent a letter to two people, media law expert Richard Winter levy system and China Youth Political College professor, well-known lawyer Zhou Ze.

They sent a letter to the State Department's letter stated that the requirements of compulsory pre-installed, alleged misuse of administrative powers to exclude and restrict competition in violation of the "anti-monopoly law" requirement. Kingsoft and other security software now can provide a similar filtering systems and even Microsoft vista preset related functions. MIIT requires a computer preloaded with "harmful information" software, may limit and the exclusion of other similar software operators and "harmful information" software operator competition. Development, production and "harmful information" software similar enterprise software products, shall enjoy the right to fair competition.

"We believe that the greatest current threat to the public is Trojans, viruses and other malicious code, as the aim at the protection of public privacy, technology-based companies, information about what is bad site, we in fact very difficult to do the evaluation." Owns 360 security guards and software butler Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi told, "China Business" reporter, green filtering software More parental control by the children's market, rather than the mass market.鍥犳锛屽浗鍐呯煡鍚嶅畨鍏ㄥ巶鍟嗚濡?60銆侀噾灞便?鐟炴槦绛夛紝灏界杞欢鍧囧叿澶囩被浼煎姛鑳斤紝浣嗛兘娌℃湁閽堝璇ョ粏鍒嗗競鍦烘帹鍑轰笓椤逛骇鍝併?

Triggered by a software story, perhaps just begun.


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